I've begun hanging my work around the Tampa, and St. Pete, Florida area with The Creative Life Project.  Check out their site and "Shop the Show" to see which pieces of my work are currently showing, and where. 

Solution for Maze #5

Contemporary Artwork to                      Stimulate The Mind.



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Mazes, Adult Coloring Book, Contemporary Artwork, Drawing, Illustration

Stay Tuned for info on my next Interactive Art Exhibit. Art on display includes my 15, 25, and 100 Foot Long solvable Abstract Mazes! Watch the Video for highlights from the Artist​Reception at HCC YBOR in Tampa, FL

​​START!Is the evolution of the Adult Coloring Book, combining Intricate Art with the challenge of a Solvable Abstract Maze. Each maze is full of images waiting to be discovered and brought to life by your pencils, pens, and imagination! START! doubles as a challenging maze to stimulate the brain, as well as an interesting landscape of characters, creatures, and unique patterns to color and relax the mind. Grab your pencils, and START your own interactive adventure today!
Recommended for ages 6+
This item plays well with pencils, colored pencils, and erasers. And remember, "If you get stuck, you can always take a break and color!" 

ArtMAZEing Designs

                                          by:  MSG

Solution for Maze #7